Harewaves Wireless Inc. is a local innovative company that provides wireless broadband internet connections and related services to rural clients in the Rocky Mountain House, Spruceview and Sylvan Lake area. Harewaves is proud to be contributing to the growth of the community by helping to bridge the digital divide.

Utilizing licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies, Harewaves serves a large and growing area with quality broadband internet connections. For more detailed information on coverage, see the coverage map  or call us for a site survey of your location.

It is Harewaves goal to provide a quality service with reliable support at an affordable price. We live in a community where we can meet our customers at the rink, the church, the grocery store or on the street. It is the only policy that can work. 

Harewaves Wireless Inc. was founded by Andrew Van Dirstein in 2004. His background with computers combined with his experience in the broadband internet industry gives him the needed expertise. His personal integrity ensures a satisfactory customer experience.



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