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December 2011 Newsletter


Hello Subscribers,

This Newsletter is looking more like it might be a quarterly Newsletter due to the lack of time to get it done, but we want to stay in contact with you, our customers. It has been an exceptionally busy year for us. We have added new customers, added new broadcast sites and upgraded many core components to keep ahead of demand. These upgrades have been done on a live system and occasionally caused short interruptions in service. Thanks for bearing with us.

We owe thanks to Canada's Economic Action Plan, through Broadband Canada, for seeing the value in our company and our wireless product by selecting us for a matching funds grant to promote rural broadband in your area. This has enabled us to continue our commitment to provide the best possible internet and has helped to overcome the obstacles to providing rural internet. There is still a long way to go, but we are working to that end.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would also like to thank you for your patronage and share a few little tidbits we feel would be beneficial to you.

Topics covered in this newsletter are:

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Current Fraud/Virus Awareness

There is a recent virus/fraud warning going around by email that reports a failed ACH transaction. It asks you to click a link to rectify the problem, but the link is a redirect to a web site that infects your computer with a virus. Although a good anti virus should recognize the threat you do not want to tempt fate. If you think you may have been infected, contact your local computer repair center or our office for support.

There is another scam going around where people call and claim to be from Microsoft. They say that your computer is at risk and they have called to fix it. They have tried to sell subscriptions to Windows Defender but mostly they want you to give them access to your computer. Microsoft is neither that proactive or generous. 


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Alberta Government - Final Mile Initiative               

The Alberta Government has again expressed an intent in expanding internet coverage in Rural Alberta. Service Alberta is leading the Final Mile Broadband Initiative (FMBI) aimed at ensuring rural Albertans have access to high-speed Internet services. They posted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to solicit feedback on the GoA’s proposed solution. This EOI evolved as a result of the Request for Information (RFI) issued in August 2010 and considers the feedback received through formal responses and consultations. An analysis of existing ISP service coverage is being completed through ViTel Communications. The preliminary result of the existing coverage analysis is that, most areas of rural Alberta that have a commercially viable population base, already have broadband service available to them.

Harewaves has responded to this EOI. The real issue is how to implement this strategy in a cost effective manner without regulation or forming a monopolizing company. The trend seems to be to put public funding into one monopolizing company that hemorrhages money. Is that what's best for Alberta? Can private industry do it better? It costs less for an existing provider to expand their coverage than it costs to build new infrastructure. For example, according to information posted on the Industry Canada/ Broadband Canada website, the per household project costs for CCI's network build was 10 times more than our project build.

Harewaves, in our response to the EOI from Service Alberta, stated that, given the trend to convergence of voice, data, video and entertainment traffic onto an internet platform, there is not nearly enough radio spectrum available to meet the needs of rural Alberta. We urged them to support a hybrid cabled and wireless infrastructure. This hybrid infrastructure would see fibre optics (passive optical network) supporting close-in industries and residential subdivisions. The radio spectrum would be reserved for areas where to population density is too low to support a fibre optic build. A fibre optic network is considered to have a lifespan of 30 years or more where a wireless system lifespan is probably 6 years or less. A cabled system does not have to deal with the changing propagation issues that affect wireless systems.

A provincial election is expected within the next six months. You will have contact with a number of politicians as the election get's closer. Please urge them to invest in broadband infrastructure for the future.


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A Message From CFIB about Credit Cards

How does paying by cash or Interac help small business?

Does the card in your wallet cost small business a fortune? CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business)names the names of high cost credit cards in Canada.

Let’s say one day you walked into your favorite neighborhood restaurant where the owner knows you by name and has for years. But let’s say on this day there is a stranger sitting behind the cash register beside your friend the owner. ....Wait a minute! What’s happening here? You’re paying the bill, and, without a word, 2-3% of what you pay goes directly in to the outstretched hand of the stranger. No please. No thank you. But it’s not one day. This is today. Your friend - the favorite chef, reliable dry cleaner, or family dentist actually does share the cash register counter with an outstretched hand: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and their partners in the banks. Every time you pay with a credit card, a percentage of your purchase goes to the credit card company and bank. The more often you pay with a credit card, the more money goes to the credit card companies and banks in the form of transaction fees charged to the merchant... The less income the merchant has available to pay staff, suppliers...sponsor the local baseball team...or even send their own child to summer camp... ...The higher the price you have to pay for your favourite soup or sweater. The fix is easy, though. Just consider paying with cash or debit. Where ever you can, avoid compelling the independent merchant to pay the credit card companies. Help small businesses reduce their costs. Help reduce the pressure on your prices. Consider paying with debit or cash.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Tis the Season! Take a look at what Harewaves has to offer this Christmas. From High Speed Rural Internet, to Digital Phone, to our new line of Toys featured below or See our Website for more details.


Rocky Farmer's Market

We have also had a table at the Rocky Farmer's Market over the last while and will be continuing right up until Christmas. Come and take a look at our toys and save yourself the travel to our store! Every Saturday in the Arena.


Our Popular Indoor Helicopter $39.95 - also just in this month, Battle Helicopters for dog fighting.


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Or maybe a truck is more your Style - The 16860 Pro 4X4 truck for serious Off Road fun $199.00

Or the 18860 Off Road Truck for $134.99

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Or Perhaps Creativity Is more your Style, Try out Hallmark Card studio, PrintMaster, or Scrapbook Boutique.



We also have a selection of games including World of Warcraft. See in store for details


Also Come in and check out our line of Nintendo WII Remote Accessories.


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We are located just off of Hwy 766 in Eckville at 4824 53rd Ave.

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