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February 2011 Newsletter


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Facebook Privacy Alert;content

The above link is an article by Zack Whittaker that warns about personal privacy. One of the newer features of Facebook is called Instant Personalization. It is an update that has been included and is turned on by default. It is a targeted advertizing tool designed to use your personal profile. Take time to read the article and protect your privacy. For more information on how to secure facebook, see the article below.;content

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YouTube – Freecorder               

One of our customers (thanks Jody) brought this program to my attention. At first I was a little leary, so I passed it off to one of my technicians to do a little testing. Why would you use it? Youtube videos are downloaded every time you click the link. Video content is one of the largest bandwidth uses on the internet. People often watch youtube videos numerous times, showing friends and family and each time it re-downloads from the internet. This program uses the file already downloaded to save to your computer so the next time you will be streaming from your computer rather than the internet. Below is some comments from our technician Dale.

Freecorder is a free program that keeps track of almost all the videos that you watch while you are surfing the web. You can download it from this link . It installs into your browser just like a tool bar and is very easy to use. You just click on the “video history” button in the freecorder bar and it shows you all the recent videos that you have downloaded or watched. From there you can choose to save any of the videos that you may want. This is great for all those youtube videos that you just can’t help but show everyone that comes over because now they are saved on your computer and you don’t have to download it again causing more traffic on your internet account. This even works for movies and tv shows from “fastpasstv”. Unfortunately it does not work for Netflix. One thing to remember though is that you should always be conscious of what sites you are getting your videos from and dangers of malware on the internet. Also be aware of copywrite infringement laws. Freecorder in and of itself seems to be a safe program and I have not yet picked up any viruses while using this great tool, but you should always be cautious.

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Afterhours Unlimited Internet

You may have heard in the news recently of talks of imposing traffic caps. Although this discussion has been largely about wholesale internet, it does tend to filter down to the end user. As most of you should already know, most wireless internet providers, including Harewaves, have already imposed some sort of traffic allowance. Some providers call it traffic “shaping” and it is done behind the scenes where you can’t see it and others like Harewaves have given a hard limit and a fee for overage.

For us it is not about cost as much as capacity. We can build the cost of delivery into your monthly fee, but feel it is unfair that everyone should pay for excessive overages. Capacity is more of a factor for wireless internet because the wireless frequency spectrum is not unlimited and is highly regulated by Industry Canada. Although we have specific frequency licenses from Industry Canada, they have a certain capacity. We design our network to support a certain number of clients at a specific speed and traffic allowance that enables us to make a business case for our investment. We don’t believe in a free for all environment where the network is brought to a crawl in prime time. We ensure this by having traffic allowances and an extra charge for overage. Again this overage is not meant to be a money grab, but a deterrent to ensure a quality service for everyone.

We have been listening and looking for ways to add value to our service. One of the things we know is that our network is under-utilized between the hours of 11:00pm and 8:00am due to it being the most popular sleeping time. One way we felt we could help with the monthly traffic allowance is to allow un-metered traffic during these times. How does that help if you are sleeping? Windows updates and other program updates can be a significant amount of traffic. These types of updates can generally be scheduled to run automatically during certain times of the day or night. Also, torrent traffic can be que’d up to run through the night rather than during primetime and should make a significant difference in your traffic allowance. We have reworked our billing system to allow for this and you will notice your traffic allowance already showing a “usage during exempted period”.


This feature will be included in the monthly super user and business packages and for a trial period it will be available on the residential package.

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What is 4G? There is talk of that in the wireless community as the next best thing.

4G is the next generation format of packet based wireless technology that is under development. It typically refers to a format called LTE (long term evolution). This format is being adopted by the major telcos around the world for their advanced multi-media cellular phone networks. Some aspects of WiMax may be included in 4G. The first shipments of true 4 G products are not expected until 2012.


How does Harewaves Widox compare with 4G?

Well, the 4G standard has two leading components: higher speed and packet based technology. Widox, because it is based on the leading wired based technology(Cable Internet) has not really been in the 4G equation. It is however, packet based technology and it is much faster than WiMax in independent tests. It is a technology that adapts cable internet technology to wireless and therefore has all the capacity and years of research that has gone into the cable industry. Harewaves feels it is the right choice for a number of reasons, and we would encourage those who are interested to read more about it on our Freqently Asked Questions Page.

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We are located just off of Hwy 766 in Eckville at 4824 53rd Ave.

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