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March 2011 Newsletter


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$99 installs/upgrades on Three Year Contract

Customers have been asking and Harewaves has been listening. One of the biggest obstacles to new customers has been installation cost. In the past we had a $399 installation and the last year or so we have trimmed and lowered the cost to $299 on a standard installation. In the past we have steered away from term contracts because we felt that if a customer was unhappy with their service they should be able to walk away at any time. We have been getting more and more requests recently of a lower install fee on a term contract, so we have decided to answer those requests. We are now offering installs and upgrades for $99 on a three year contract. This includes the cost of a standard installation and the use of the customer premise equipment for the duration of your connection with us. Ask our customer service representatives for more info.

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Local Phone Number Portability Update               

We have been patiently waiting for local phone number portability for about six months now. This would allow you to keep your existing phone number and use our digital phone service to save on your monthly costs. We mentioned it back in our October 2010 newsletter that it was coming soon, but apparently the local incumbent carrier is not real enthused about the possibility of losing customers so they have been making the process go very slowly. In January they gave us an ETA of March, but it is looking like that might not happen but we will keep you up to date in our monthly newsletters.

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Harewaves Network upgrades

As many of you know, we are continually upgrading our network as new technology becomes available and as new frequencies open up. Over the last year we have been completing upgrades in the Leslieville, Rocky, and Caroline areas. We are now focusing on some other areas including Eckville, Kuusamo, Benalto , Spruce View and the Withrow subdivision. Equipment is being tested and we are starting to setup a rollout schedule. We are also working on upgrading our backbone network so that we do not reach any capacity limitation. We will be doing a major network upgrade in the next couple months as we upgrade our internet gateway. This will likely happen in the off hours of the night and we will send email notification of the timing once we set a date.

For those of you that have static IP’s we will be contacting you directly in the near future as we will need to coordinate some changes.

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Online Banking

This should get some cheers, I know I’m excited. Starting this month we have made arrangements with ATB financial to set up online bill payments. ATB account holders will now be able to pay their Harewaves account online. We are working on setting up bill payments at other banks as well, but some are more ruthless than others. We would be interested in feedback from our customers about what banks they use for online banking so we can direct our resources to the most popular banks. Send us an email to with “online banking” in the subject line letting us know what bank you would like to see added.

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We are located just off of Hwy 766 in Eckville at 4824 53rd Ave.

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Contact Info:

Phone: 403-746-0096


Location: 4824 53rd Ave Eckville

Mailing: P.O. Box 841

Eckville, Alberta

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