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October 2010 Newsletter


Dear subscribers,

RE: Changes at Harewaves Wireless

At Harewaves we are continuously working to improve our rural broadband service as well as adding additional products that you have asked us about. This newsletter contains some important information about those improvements.   

Topics we will be covering are:

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Updates on traffic allowances

One of the most common questions is regarding traffic allowances. The traffic allowance is the amount of data an individual user can transmit across the internet in a one month period, based on the package you chose.  Traffic allowances are not a revenue generating scheme. Our business model is based on attaining the number of subscribers on a particular tower to get a return on our investment. The packages and traffic allowances ensure that there is capacity for the number of customers to achieve a ROI, as well as ensure that each user is getting an enjoyable experience on the internet. 

Wireless internet is a lot different than the cable based  DSL, cable TV or fiber optic internet available in larger centres.  With Wireless internet the system capacity is largely based on the radio spectrum that is available where the capacity of a cable based system is related to the number of cables. The radio spectrum is a limited resource that must be used efficiently.  

There has been an increase not only in the use of the internet but also the applications available on the internet. Currently just under 10% of our subscribers are going over their monthly traffic allowance, an increase from  3% only 6 months ago. If you are one of these subscribers you have no doubt received a notice of the overage and been charged for additional traffic. These ‘user pay’ charges are the only way to keep excessive use from bogging down the system for everyone.  Wireless internet should not be a substitute for your television service. Significant radio spectrum is already allocated for television but not for broadband.

Harewaves has been listening to concerns from clients that require higher usage. Internet service providers  use different methods to deal with high usage; many use methods that are not as transparent to the end user. They reduce the speed in the background on high users. Our approach is to be upfront, to deliver the the speed we promised  and to leave it up to the customer to manage their traffic. Harewaves has decided to leave it as is for the time being but have requested our software developers to build more options into our traffic management servers. Management has also decided that our WIDOX service has the ability to deliver more traffic to the end user and therefore we will be increasing the traffic allowance on our WIDOX service. The existing ISM service will remain the same due to capacity limitations, but customers will have the option to upgrade where WIDOX is available.  

Wireless broadband as not an ageless product, but rather a stop gap until another, cost effective, technology is developed. That being said, wireless internet has an important role to play in the future of rural communities.

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New Broadband Technology Now Available                 

Responding to the increased demand, Harewaves has done extensive research and development into new technologies to increase the capacity available to both current and new subscribers. We are pleased to announce our Next Generation WIDOX product, with extensive coverage throughout the County. Harewaves applied for, and has been approved for a government matching grant to expand our WIDOX service footprint.  Bulk purchasing has brought the cost of customer installations down to $299.  Please see for coverage and package details.

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Updated Access agreement

The customer license agreement has been revised. The update is posted on the Harewaves website home page under Access Agreement on the left hand side. Here is the link.
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Local Number portability for Digital phone service

Harewaves offers a Digital Home Phone service at a price that puts Telus to shame. One of the major obstacles has been to port your existing local number to our service.  Beginning in 2011, the Rocky and Leslieville areas will be able to transfer existing phone numbers to our digital phone service.  For more information, please contact us.

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Customer referral program

Harewaves is launching a referral program where you can receive a credit for every customer you refer.
How it works:

  1. You refer a customer to us. (you must be a customer for at least two months prior)
  2. The new customer names you as the referrer at the time of install
  3. The new customer must remain a customer for two months
  4. You receive a credit on your bill

Ask us for more details.
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Our Eckville Store Grand Opening

Harewaves has opened a new store in Eckville at 4824 53rd ave (right next to the old office) The Grand Opening Barbecue will flame every day for the week of October 11-15th  between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm.

Come and join us for a free burger!

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We are now offering Bell T.V.

Harewaves Wireless Inc. is now an authorized Bell T.V. reseller. Come see us for new installations, additional receivers, and upgrades to High Definition.

Come and check out the latest High Definition PVR in store.

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Contact Info:

Phone: 403-746-0096


Location: 4824 53rd Ave Eckville

Mailing: P.O. Box 841

Eckville, Alberta

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